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On behalf of Crossover Bible Fellowship, I would like to extend you a warm welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We pray that you would enjoy your interface with us via the web and hope if you ever have the opportunity you would come and worship with us.

The name of the Church comes from three significant scriptures in the gospel of John:

Crossover (John 5: 24 NET = Evangelism)
Bible (John 17: 17 = Edification)
Fellowship (John 17: 21-23 = Unified Community).

It is our hope that as God draws people to this ministry they would experience all three based on our Love for God through Jesus Christ and the love we have for others. (Matthew 22: 34-40) As we love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves we anticipate Him doing a great work in our lives and yours through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are very grateful that God has made this ministry a multiethnic congregation of believers from the inception and pray that this ministry will continue to grow as a picture of Heaven on earth. (Rev. 5: 9) Enjoy the website and come see us when you can or send us an e-mail and let us know how we can assist you to know God through Jesus Christ better and better.

Pastor: Blake Wilson

P.S. And remember Jesus said, "I tell you the solemn truth, the one who hears my message and believes the one who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned, but has crossed over from death to life." John 5: 24

The Conduct of Church Leaders

This week we continue in the book of 1 Timothy. Pastor Blake teaches on chapter about the importance and the heart of elders, deacons and leaders in the church.

When God Moves

This Sunday we continue in our series on the life of Joseph. This week we turn to Genesis 41 where God gives Pharaoh a dream and the only one who can interpret the dream is Joseph. Originally what was thought as misfortunate ended up being the beginning of God uses Joseph to save a nation.

God’s Purposes in Bad Places

This Sunday we continue our series on the Life of Joseph. Pastor Blake teaches from Genesis 40 on how Joseph was in a bad place, prison, but God was still with him working in his life.

Who God Promotes God Protects

This Sunday we continue our series on the Life of Joseph. Pastor Blake teaches from Genesis 39 on how Joseph was promoted on his job but with the promotion came temptations, distractions and others attacking his life because of the God who he represented.

Purpose Driven Church

This Sunday Zion McGregor teaches from Matthew 28 on the purpose driven church. There are many churches that exist but the church with purpose shares the Gospel to fulfill the great commission because they know what the Gospel did for them.

Man’s Plots vs. God’s Plans

This week we are in the 2nd week in our series on the life of Joseph. Pastor Blake teaches from Genesis 37 about how Joseph's brothers plotted against him but God had a greater plan for his life

God Is For You

This Sunday at Crossover we enter a new series, When God is For You: A look into the life of Joseph. God showed Joseph many things through dreams which later led to him going through hardship, family drama, death threats and imprisonment. All of these trials were not in vain as they were a part of God’s divine design. When God is for you who can be against you.

Confidence in Christ

Tonight Bible Study taught by Elder Royce Robinson expounding on Our Confidence in Christ must be in him alone!!.. Our confidence in our confession is not to be based on our own ability to keep the faith or brag on the achievements we have accomplished . Rather, it must be based on the power of Christ who alone can keep us in our faith. Don't compromise your faith and never Go Along to Get Along

Bust a Move

This Sunday we celebrate the beginning of Shine Bible Fellowship. To celebrate Crossover member Jaron Jones delivers a message from Genesis about knowing when to move when God calls you and not to settle for anything less than what God has. Jaron and his wife Ebony served faithfully at Crossover and now God has called them to plant a church.

The Conduct & Character of Church Leaders

Welcome Our Lead Pastor, Blake Wilson back to the pulpit "The Emmaus Experience" ...Returning to our Church Conduct Series. Tonight focusing on the role of Elders. According to Acts 15: By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Elders are chosen as Leaders being Committed to Serve ,..

The Shepherd of the Psalm

This Sunday we look at Psalm 23. This is a familiar Psalm which is quite popular and is well known. The key of the Psalm is not whether or not you know it, the key is found is knowing the Shepherd that the Psalm refers to.

The Paradigm Shift: When Conflict Arises

The call of Christ demands revolutionary change in paradigm. How we handle one another should reflect our new identity, not our old tendencies. We have been called to put aside petty situations that become obstacles in our lives, ultimately slow us down, and prevent the spread of the Gospel. We have been called to "newness" of life. How do you respond?

Isolation vs Solitude

There is no pause button on life. Though there are times we wish we could "get away" these times should be used to refuel instead of retreat. Often times it is difficult to tell the difference between the two and you may be retreating from community without even knowing it. You are not alone and there are others who can relate to you and won't let you quit on your journey to fulfilling God's purpose.

The Complete Young Adult - Where are we Going?

What does it mean for a young adult to be complete? Does it mean to be perfect? Justin Daniels shows through transparency and authenticity why we as young adults may retreat from prayer.

Living Life at the Next Level

This week for the Emmaus Experience bible study Pastor Royce Robinson explains that if we are going to live life for God at the next level we have to recognize not only what the meaning of the next level life but also what it means.

Christian Accountability: I am my brother's keeper

This Sunday we answer the question "Am I my brother's keeper?" in the context of Christian accountability. As believers we have the freedom to consult our brothers and sisters in Christ on different areas we struggle with. All of us should look to the Word of God as the standard and if we are doing anything outside of what God established we need accountability.

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Sunday Morning Services: 8:30AM & 10:30AM
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12332 Perry Rd
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Phone: 281-890-4525

Find Us On Facebook


Sunday Morning Services: 8:30AM & 10:30AM

Wednesday Night Family Bible Study - 7:00PM